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wireless lapstation

World 1st Wireless Charging Laptop Workstation Bag

uniquely different from the others

See why our Wireless Laptop Bag so so different from the others
Wireless Charger Laptop Bag

Personal Workstation

Pen Holder / charger / phone holder

Wireless Charger Laptop Bag

Foldable Mousepad

expanded retractable mousepad

Wireless Charger Laptop Bag

Ergonomic workstation

relieves the pressure on neck and back

Wireless Charger Laptop Bag

Heat Ventilation

hot air dissipation at the bottom

Looks Good , Feels Good

Wireless Laptop Bag Features (1)

Water Resistance

Does allow the water to penetrate through internally whilst redirecting water flor 

Wireless Laptop Bag Features (1)

3D Debossed Effect

Crafted with 3D Logo to show the brand effect. 

Wireless Laptop Bag Features (1)

Premium Durable Leather

Premium Faux Leather with fine leather precise stitching 

Wireless Laptop Bag




You can choose to convert it into a workdesk and work anytime anywhere you want


You can keep and fold it into a slim leather laptop sleeve and bring it on the go


You have the choice to use the wireless charger personal workstation at your own accord

Different Ways of Carrying

Smart Laptop Bag

Clutch It Up

You can choose to tuck it up and bring the bag confidently and comfortable on th go 

Sleek Series

Carry this slim bag in a discreet and slim manner so no one notices the bag at all 

Smart Laptop Bag

Tiddy Tote Bag

Carry this bag with class and Swag with its tote handle 

Its more than just a Bag

Take a Look and understand why it is so special

Fast Wireless Charging

10 Watt Fast wireless qi charging

Adjustable Phone Holder

FOldable Adjustable magnetic phone holder

Foldable Laptop Stand

Foldable Laptop Stand

laptop hot air ventilation

Pen Holder

Pen Holder

Debossed Stable pen holder

Front Access Pocket

Front Access Pocket

Quick easy front access pocket

Water Resistance​

Water Resistance

prevent water from seeping in

Tote Clutch Bag

Tote Clutch Bag

easily switch between clutch and tote handle

FOldable Laptop stand

Ergonomic Laptop Stand

provides an ergonimic working experience

Portable Workstation ​

Portable Workstation

transform into a work desk instantly

Foldable Magnetic Phone Stand

instant foldable magnetic phone stand

Its more than just a Work Bag

Take a look and see why this bag is durable and worth every purchase

Wireless Charger

10 Watt Wireless charger

Water Resistance

quick dry water resistance material

Laptop Support Base

keeps your laptop upright and stable

Premium Leather

faux leather with fine sticthing

different perspective 


Easy Access

Comes with a front pocket so you can retreive and keep your commonly used items such as phone

On the Go

when can you use this bag ? 



Hand Carry and Clutch the bag by your side 

You can bring the bag on the go with  class

Comes with a soft elastic handle for you to carry easily and  comfortable. 


This Wireless Lapstation Bag is Class

What More do you need to know ?

Wireless Lapstation

How much Does it Cost ?

Early Bird

Pre Order Price
$ 59 Per Set

market launch

Launch Price
$ 99 Per Set

50 Limited Pre Order Sets

Wireless Lapsation will be releasing into the market on March 2022 at $99. But we have produced 50 sets of Pre-order  sets for our Early Birds adaptors. Its a 1st time 1st serve for our 50 limited pre-order sets 

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