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Please drink Lah Flask Bottle



Limited Edition 800ML Sports Vacuum Bottle (Drink up in 4 different languages) WHILE STOCKS LAST!

Dimensions: 6.5 x 23.8 cm

Weight: 415 grams

Material: ABS + 316 Stainless Steel


1. Comes in a single size, 800ml for you to store your favorite drink and have it throughout the day.

2. This vacuum bottle is able to help keep your drink cold up to 24 hours and keep it hot for 8 hours.

3. The material used to make this bottle is light weight which allow users to easily carry it out with them without having them to struggle carrying it.

4. The bottle comes with a filter inside which allows users to put in their favorite fruits, tea leaves and even ice cubes which they do not have to worry about ingesting them.

5. It comes with a well built handle which users can easily hook it to their bags or they can just easily carry it around with them without worrying about dropping it.

What’s so special about this bottle?

We have customized it with our very own SG style logo that comes in 4 different languages to drink up which is relatable to all Singaporeans as the weather is super hot and humid however people do not remember to drink their water to stay hydrated.


Thus we decided to come up with this design which consists of 4 different languages in asking you to drink up!


With National Day coming around the corner we have decided to create these Singapore Products to show our Singapore Spirit during this times! So get your hands on your very own BO TA BO FLASK today! Limited stock so while stocks last!


It comes in 4 colors for you to choose from!

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