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Power & Shiok Massager Gun



Limited Edition Alixon Shiok & Power Mini Massager Gun (WHILE STOCKS LAST!)


Dimensions: 14 x 4 x 12 cm

Weight: 650 grams

Material: ABS


1. 4 Massage Heads: Offers four custom massage heads to relieve aching legs, back, neck and shoulders etc.

2. 6 speed settings to choose from: Pick your speed from fatigue, deep massage, muscle relaxation and pain relief

3. LCD Touch Display and Low Noise : It comes with a high definition LCD touch screen and the noise is less than 45 decibels.

4. Fast Charging: Portable Type-C lightning fast charging, compatible with mobile phone chargers and power banks, can be fully charged in just 2 hours.

5.Anyone can use it: Suitable for office workers, fitness professionals, parents and elderly.

What’s so special about this massager gun?

We have customized it with our very own SG logo with the frequently used words like “Shiok” and “Power” which is relatable to all Singaporeans when they experience something pleasurable.

With National Day coming around the corner we have decided to create these Singapore Products to show our Singapore Spirit during this times! So get your hands on your very own “Shiok” and “Power” massager gun today! Limited stock so while stocks last!

It comes in 4 colors for you to choose from!

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