Product Description


Collapsible UVC Box

Handheld UVC Sterilizer

Wireless Charger

10000mah In Built Cable Powerbank

LED Torch +  Nightlamp


Made from Aluminium Base which optimize and ensure the UVC lights are fully sterilize at
every corner inside the body.

Collapsible Section

Has a magnetic catch to coupled with the Base to ensure it stays together
made with Strong Silicone to ensure collapsible is made possible

UVC Powerbank

A Strong 10000mah Wireless Powerbank with UVC Lights opposite
works independently and collectively with the Body as a UVC Sterilize Box


ABS/Pc + Silica Gel + TPE


3 UVC LED Lights
Operating at 250 nm


10000mah Capacity
In Built Type C / Apple Lightning Cable
USB 2A Output Port / Micro USB Connector