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Singlish Auto UV Brolly


Limited Edition Mini UV Automatic Umbrella (It’s going to rain in 4 different languages) WHILE STOCKS LAST!

Dimensions: 28 x 4.5 cm

Weight: 346.5 grams

Material: Fiberglass


1. With its automatic button located at the handle of the umbrella, you can easily open and close it without having to do it the traditional way.

2. It is small and compactable which easily allows you to bring it with you wherever you go and you can just simply slot it into your bag when you are going out.

3. The material used to make this umbrella protects you not just from the rain but the sun and its UV rays.

4. Comes in 2 different colors for you to choose from!

5. If you are in a rush to keep your umbrella even though it is still wet, you can easily just swing it a few times and just slot it into its own sleeve! You do not have to worry about the the water from getting into your belongings,

What’s so special about this umbrella?

We have customized it with our very own SG style logo that comes in 4 different languages that it is raining which is relatable to all Singaporeans as the weather is unpredictable so we do not know when it will rain. And once it does we will always say the same phrase like “eh raining liao leh!”

Thus we decided to come up with this design which consists of 4 different languages in saying that it has started to rain!

With National Day coming around the corner we have decided to create these Singapore Products to show our Singapore Spirit during this times! So get your hands on your very own 4 different language UV Umbrella today! Limited stock so while stocks last!

It comes in 2 colors for you to choose from!

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